The Evening is a strategically powered creative collective that transforms burgeoning brands into lasting ones.
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What we do
At our core, we discover brand stories. How we express them is limitless. Here's a sample of what we've done thus far:
a brand built on challenging convention
We positioned this powerful brand to restore reverence to the female experience. Through luxury design, celebratory photography, and a no-nonsense approach to messaging we breathed new life into a stale category.
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art driving commerce online
Nona lim
We elevated the overall site design system of to match the boldness and flavor punch found within their food. Through thoughtful UX, vibrant UI, and fresh photography we upped conversion rates — smart design with impact.
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thoughtful positioning in a crowded category
Why do so many anti-aging ads feature women in their 20s while women 40+ are largely invisible in the beauty category? Through a bold big idea and imagery celebrating aging, we put the 40+ woman in the limelight—because she's got nothing to hide.
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powerful expressions of creative brands
Our focus spans three main areas: intriguing identity systems rooted in truth, provocative ad campaigns, and fast and fun websites — all designed to build lasting impressions.
Brand Identity
Visual Guidelines
Tone & Voice
Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Product Naming
Launch Campaigns
Social Cotent
Acquisition Marketing
Content Strategy
Product Advertising
Photo & Film Production
E-commerce Sites
Editorial Sites
UX Research
UI Kits
Bespoke Icons
Trends & Forecasting
Landing Pages
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How we do it
We employ a trifecta of intuition, insight and investigation to envision, evolve and establish the world's most resonant brands.
trusting in experience
Some call it a sixth sense we call it a northstar. Our intuition is fueled by experience and driven by passion. It’s never let us down — see what it can do for you.
the story behind the data
What is data without knowledge? We do the homework to thoughtfully transform information into ideas with impact.
uncovering new truths
The right answer can be elusive. Our research methodology makes sense out of even the murkiest of mysteries, plotting a clear path forward.
powerful expressions of creative brands
partners, past & Present
We believe in forming partnerships with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their business so that our work can truly work. Through transparency, mutual respect, and collaboration we're able to get closer than the typical client/agency relationship. From the established to the emerging, here are a sample of our partners.
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